Be Creative and Perserve

“I believe that if we allow ‘recession thinking’ into our working environment, it can take us down from there. Yes, it gets slow, hard or intricate to find new business once in awhile, but I believe life just teaches us another way not to do business or a different way,’
said Daniel Lira, managing member of Contracting Solutions LLC. The company grew in the past year, adding seven employees for a total of 13. His firm provides construction services, including metal framing, drywall installation, acoustical ceilings, painting and remodeling projects. “Another lesson we have learned is we have to be creative and start developing plan after plan. This is why to run a business you have to be flexible, versatile and adventurous at times.

“We as a business, need to ‘dance’ (to) the ‘music’ the marketplace ‘plays.’ Sometimes there is a slow dance, sometimes there’s a fast dance. If we just want to dance just the fast one or just the slow ones, we might not get to dance much.” Or, if one waits for the perfect song: one might not get to dance at all.

As an entry into the “green” market, Contracting Solutions has acquired certification to provide Home Energy Rating System (HERS) indexes for those who want to know how energy efficient their homes are. The company also became a certified health care contractor.